SPEDGSDW 0-12.7mm 0-25.4mm 0.5inch 1inch Electronic Digital dial Indicator 0.01mm 0.001mm Digital dial Gauge Metric Inch




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Reliable parameters:
Name: Multi-function outer diameter digital display micrometer
Material: high quality stainless steel
Range: 0-25/25-50/50-75/75-100mm
Resolution: 0.001mm
Error: ± 0.002mm
Product Process: Surface Spray
Scale process: laser scale
Product packaging: brand new plastic box

The main function:
1 digital display + scale dual use
2 can set tolerance range, tolerance indication
3 relative measurement and ABS origin measurement
4 data storage
5 metric conversion
6 minutes without automatic shutdown

▲ Two ranges: 0-12.7MM, 0-25.4MM are widely used in the detection of various parts.
▲ Removable probe: probe thread type: M2.5, can be replaced as needed
▲ Innovative portable port: A port: RS232 data output, can be used with the dedicated data line to communicate with the computer. B-end: easy to replace ultra-low power battery
▲ Comes with spare back cover: detachable back cover, can be used on different magnetic meters to use the ear cover aperture 6.5MM

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