Encyclopedia of emotions: Using your feelings as a navigation system towards a happy life




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THE ENCYCLOPEDIAOF EMOTIONS covers 350 emotions and their interpretations, as well as a helping hand on how to use this information constructively.Emotions guide us, help us recover or take next steps, and give informationabout what our true self needs.Emotions give us feedback on how our inner world is dealing with the outer world. By understanding this, we learn to communicate with our deepest self and we can tune our belief system to who we truly are.By doing this we attract a life that is more and more aligned with our deepest being, freeing the way to live our full potential.With this work, Vera is giving us tangible guidance to help us discover uncharted areas. Not just for ourselves, but also to use as a diagnostic tool.What participants in the training say:“A unique and ground-breaking vision”“This should be included on every social education syllabus“VERA HELLEMAN is a popular inspirational speaker, trainer and writer of the bestseller ‘Eff ortlessly being Yourself’ and above all an expert on feelings. Her work comes from an awake and very precise consciousness which lovingly and lightly confronts people with their own self-sabotaging patterns. She has the gift of translating the emotional world into our daily reality in a down-to-earth-way.Vera has a background in integrative psychotherapy, but, as she puts it, “my greatest teacher has always been life itself.” In her work she explains how a human being functions, how the world of creation works and how to attract a life that suits who you truly are.

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