A Comprehensive Strong Dictionary of the Bible – [Illustrated]: Complete Bible word index, Hebrew & Greek dictionary with in-depth definitions, Easy and Fast Navigation system (English Edition)




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This Edition "A Comprehensive Strong Dictionary of the Bible" Contains Strongs Hebrew & Greek dictionary with in-depth lexicon Definitions, transliteration text, Pronounciation guide and Complete bible word index.

Key Features

1. Biblical Hebrew & Greek (incl. Aramaic)
2. Every dictionary entry having additional lexicon definitions
3. Complete Bible word Index
4. Strongs Numbering System
5. Easy search and fast navigation

Hebrew & Greek Dictionary:

All the original words are treated in their alphabetical Hebrew order, and are numbered regularly from the first to the last, each being known throughout by its appropriate number. This renders reference easy without recourse to the Hebrew characters and Immediately after each word is given its exact equivalent in English letters, according to the system of transliteration laid down in the scheme here following, which is substantially that adopted in the Common English Version, only more consistently and uniformly carried out; so that the word could be readily be turned back again into Hebrew from the form thus given it.

Bible Word Index:

In this Edition we newly created "bible word index" its contains all the bible words are arranged in alphabetical order, those words are cross referenced to strongs dictionary. It’s very easy to use and even if the reader don’t need to know about Hebrew & Greek Scripts, they can easily access this dictionary using common bible word index.

Navigation about this edition:

1. First, when you click on Go to in the menu, then selecting -> Table of Contents(Ctrl + T). This Table of Contents provides hyperlinks to every sections on this book like Preface, Dictionary with their subheadings.

2. Second, Inside the dictionary, you have the expanded Table of Contents provides hyperlinks to each letter of the dictionary along with the range of Strong’s numbers for that letter. Each strong number cross referenced to chapter heading, then chapter heading cross referenced to Expanded table of contents. In this whole book we follow this above cross reference system for rapid and easy navigation.

3. Third, You can go directly jump to a particular dictionary entry by using search option:

For Hebrew:
ex: strongs entry # 6578 then typing the letter "{h#}" followed by the strong number, simply enter this {h6578}
Strong no: 6578
Strong no. search: {h6578}

For Greek:
ex: strongs entry # 5001 then typing the letter "(g#)" followed by the strong number, simply enter this (g5001)
Strong no: 5001
Strong no. search: (g5001)

4.Fourth, And also you can search Bible words in this book using the following search option:

For Bible word search
ex: Bible word "Aaron" and then typing the keyword "hwd." followed by the headword, simply enter this hwd.Aaron
Headword: Aaron
Headword search: hwd.Aaron

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